Dancehall Rave: journey by 450 review (Keeping it Real)

Journey by 450 review
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Having been propelled into the limelight by his previous hit single imperfection, dancehall newcomer 450 has continued to make a name for himself. Lyrically, Journey by 450 is a very real and relatable song. 450’s ability to Stay real and musically tell his personal stories as it regards his childhood and all the struggles he faced growing up gives him an automatic spot in the playlist  of a large number of music consumers.

First Impression:

To be honest, Journey by 450 really got me hooked right from the first few seconds of the track. I really enjoyed how the song started. A smooth song with a dope arrangement. I think I’m officially a fan of his and will definitely love to hear more from him.

Beat Selection:

The choice of beat for this song is perfect if I’m allowed to use the word. It gave him the creative freedom to just express himself more fluently. The beat and the vocals are made for each other. Kudos to his entire team for this choice.


450 used Journey to describe the struggles and challenges he faced on his part to become the man he is today. He acknowledges the fact that there are a lot of fake people all over the place and recognizes the need to stay focused in life despite the efforts of the “hypocrites”. He remembers his mama’s advice to save himself because nobody will do it for him. The lyrics of the song is really interesting, depicts honesty, realness and is easy to relate with.

Artist(s) Performance:

The vocal delivery of 450 on this track is pretty simple and straightforward. Not a bad melody at all. The intensity and style of delivery stayed the same all through the track..


Once again, Kudos to everybody who contributed to the creation of this art. I love the structure of the beat. It’s a vibe. The tonal quality and overall balance sounds great to me. With the level and quality of this track, I can confidently say that the production team is really a very talented group. 


The visuals of the track showcases the ghetto life of the people living in the suburbs of jamaica with imagery that fully depicts the whole drama that played out in the lyrics. It is quite enjoyable to watch.

General Impression:

Journey is quite an interesting song. Great performance. The lyrics and emotions displayed in this track are very real and easily relatable. 450’s Journey is a clear representation of the struggles of every citizen of the world. I recommend the song for almost every playlist.

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