Burna Boy – Want It All (Feat. Polo G) The Review

Burna Boy - Want It All (feat Polo G( The Review
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Afro-fusion artist Burna Boy teamed up with rapper Polo G to deliver this collaborative single (Want It All). Both artists witnessed a rapid growth in their careers over the course of the pandemic. Burna Boy took home the 2021 Best Global Music Grammy for his 2020 album while Polo G’s Hall of Fame racked up numbers following his chart-topping single RAPSTAR.

First Impression:

“Want It All” creates an enthralling theme of a boss who rose from the dust and made it to the very top against all odds. I enjoyed how the song started. The arrangement from the intro leading up to the first chorus was very smooth, especially the hand picked guitar which sounds so serene and makes the listener want to hear what is coming next.

Beat Selection:

For me, the choice of beat for this song and the accompanying vocal delivery were made for each other just like water was made for fish. The vibe is magnificent. The beat gets a perfect 10 in terms of rating.


Both artists used “Want It All” to describe the struggles and challenges, the efforts and hardwork they put into their art as well as the subsequent success that followed. Burna Boy captured this clearly in the chorus where he expressed how he was “sleeping on the ground, on the cold floor” before proceeding to state that his life is now “a fashion show”. The lyrics of the song are well arranged, unambiguous and easy to understand and relate with. It really painted an interesting reality.

Artist(s) Performance:

In terms of vocal delivery, Burna and Polo G delivered a masterpiece. Great melody. The intensity and style of delivery grew progressively from the beginning of the track to the end. Beauty is the only way to describe the flow of the vocals in the last verse, especially the last 4 bars leading up to the last chorus which is an awesome variation.


Kudos to everybody who contributed to the creation of this art. I love the structure of the beat. It’s a vibe. The tonal quality and overall balance sounds great to me.


I will say the visuals of the track is by no means a bad one. But for me personally, I think the imagery of the video didn’t fully showcase the picture of the whole drama that unfolded in the lyrics. However, verse 3 and the last chorus switched it up a bit.

General Impression:

This is an emotional one. Especially for people who have had to rise from the dust in order to achieve dreams while being surrounded by wolves and  sharks. I think Burna Boy’s “Want It All” is a clear representation of the struggles of every African Child. I would have preferred to give this category a full rating but it will be 9 out of 10 for me becuase of the video.

Listen to the song below...

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